Error while running test

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asked Mar 13, 2021 in System Modelling by ab123 (25 points)  

I have this error while running the test for warm-up homework of system modelling, I am being able to understand it, please help.enter image description here

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answered Mar 13, 2021 by dkmisu (1,327 points)  

You are using JDK 15. Please install JDK 8 or JDK 11 as requested by our technical guide and use that version for the homework. Yakindu 3.5.2 will not work with JDK 15.

commented Mar 13, 2021 by ab123 (25 points)  
I downloaded jdk 11 from the given link!
commented Mar 13, 2021 by dkmisu (1,327 points)  
Then you must have multiple JDK installed on your computer. As you can see in the screenshot ( at the top of the console (red rectangle) your project was executed by JDK 15.

You need to change the JDK responsible for your project. A simple guide to do so can be found in this link: If you continue to have difficulty installing the software environment I recommend using the virtual machine we provided.
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That issue is resolved, Thank you so much but now I get this warning when I am about to run for test or simulation, can you please tell what does it mean?!AjT_G4XI7bdOiXQi0qX6hJiP4PV3?e=AEvhxN
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commented Mar 14, 2021 by dkmisu (1,327 points)  
There is a blocking issue in your project (you can see that there is a red exclamation mark next to your project's name). If you open the Problems view, you probably will see more details on the issue.

Based on your second screenshot I would venture a guess that there is some issue with the JRE you specified for your project. Are your referencing the right JRE/JDK? Also, what is the version of your Eclipse?
commented Mar 14, 2021 by ab123 (25 points)  
where can I check the problems?
the jdk that I installed my mac is version 11 but how to reference it?
eclipse is 2018-12
commented Mar 14, 2021 by dkmisu (1,327 points)  
To reference the JDK in an Eclipse project follow this guide:

First, you need to check in the preferences whether your Eclipse knows about the JDK. If not, then you need to add it manually. Then you need to configure the project build path, and replace the JRE System Library with the library of JDK 11.  Finally, if you did everything right, you will see the JRE System Library in the project explorer (last picture of section 4).