Download ZIP file to the VM

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asked Apr 1 in System Modelling by MenabdeMeri (30 points)  

I have downloaded the oracle VM virtual box and zip folder of my homework, how should I move the downloaded ZIP folder to the VM? and import the project into YAKINDU?

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answered Apr 1 by dkmisu (1,321 points)  

You have two options:

  • First, create a shared folder in VirtualBox, and move the file to the VM through that. You can find many tutorials on how to do it online.
  • Second, open the browser in the VM, login to the homework portal, and download the ZIP there.

If you are unfamiliar with VirtualBox, I would recommend the second option.

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answered Apr 1 by AdamZsofi (71 points)  


Is it possible, that you are trying to import the wrong zip file?
The name of the zip file should be something like[a letter and numbers here]