Error in TesterAPI (pushStart():void function)

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asked Apr 5 in System Modelling by LaithN (23 points)  
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In project explorer, "tests > hu.bme.inf.symod..... > > TesterAPI > pushStart():void" shows an error. It does not affect simulation, but messages pop-up saying "Error exists in required project(s): hu.bme.inf.symod...... Proceed to Lauch?"

Also, may not be related, but in definition section (left side tab containing Buttons and interfaces) there is always a "no viable alternative at input " on the last line (even if it was a comment).

Screenshot of error

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answered Apr 5 by dkmisu (1,321 points)  

The error shown leads me to believe that you use the warmup homework project for your homework. Please note, that the interface of the warmup task and the chessclock task differ significantly. Please download your homework project from the homework portal, and solve the homework in that.