Failed tests in Console for main,player displays although Simulation shows Ready to play text and 120, not Chess clock

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asked Apr 6, 2021 in System Modelling by e807 (29 points)  

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answered Apr 6, 2021 by dkmisu (1,327 points)  

First of all, please use the title to summarize your problem, and give detailed info in the description. Also, using screenshots and full sentences certainly would help others to understand your problem.

I see many reason why this occurs to you:

  • First of all, there is a compilation error in your project, so the tests run on an older version of your model. To confirm this, check the Problems view in Eclipse.
  • Second, you use one of the forbidden elements (likely after 0s or a nondeterministic transition). In this case Yakindu absolves the nondeterministic behavior in a deterministic way, so the simulation is shown correct, but the tests fail nevertheless, because they expect a fully deterministic model.