Several questions about extra assignment

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asked Mar 19, 2022 in System Modelling by Ai_Yoshida (30 points)  

Dear professor

I tried to install eclipse and yakindu, but I could not do it for several reasons.

For eclipse, I receive internal errors. ("tipof the day. layout Shell' has encountered a problem. An internal error has occured")
Perhaps because of it, I cannot install yakindu to eclipse, since I cannot reach "finish" button after "Next". Only "Next" button is available, and never "finish" button appears (Help > install new software in eclipse)

Therefore I tried to install virtual machine, but it does not support Macbook air M1.

How can I solve my problem?
Could you please help my troubles?

Thank you for your help in advance!enter image description here

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answered Mar 19, 2022 by AdamZsofi (165 points)  

Dear Ai Yoshida,

Although using the virtual machine on your Macbook is not trivial, you might try it anyway with UTM based on this guide:

If that won't work and you are not able to do the warmup assignment on another machine, we might be able to provide another solution to do your mandatory homework.

Sadly most likely tha can only be done next week, not in the weekend, so you will only be able to use that for your mandatory homework.

Zsófia Ádám

commented Mar 19, 2022 by Ai_Yoshida (30 points)  
Dear professor Zsófia Ádám

Thank you for your reply.
I will try UTM.

Sincerely yours,
Ai Yoshida