GitHub check permission denied

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asked Sep 8, 2023 in Rendszertervezés by bencefarkas27 (31 points)  
edited Sep 8, 2023 by bencefarkas27

At modell check gives the following:
Run mkdir reports
/opt/pt/ line 3: /opt/pt/ModelCheck: Permission denied
cat: reports/ No such file or directory
Error: Process completed with exit code 1.
Error: Unable to process file command 'output' successfully.
Error: Invalid value. Matching delimiter not found '3tlmA4ok34M3JthKHAtX'

team: mitcsinalsz

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answered Sep 8, 2023 by levente (119 points)  

Thanks for the issue report! I've fixed a permission issue, and merged it into main. Hopefully this fixes the issues you encountered.
I've tested it with this PR: