Lab 3. the provided project has validation problems

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asked Oct 28, 2017 in SWSV by delda (23 points)  

In Lab3 - task 3b I tried to run the project, but by starting up it shows up a validation error window and if I choose continue later the File Counter plugin fails with nullpointer exception.

I tried it both in Eclipse Neon and Oxygen . PDE was installed.

Validation window

Exception in eclipse

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answered Oct 29, 2017 by micskeiz (2,873 points)  

The validation problem usually disappears if you use the latest 1A version of Oxygen (there was a bug in the initial release). Go to Help / Update software.

The second error (NullPointerException) is by design - you have found a bug in the plug-in to test (think about what should do the plug-in and what is your current test data [the files in the project]).

commented Oct 29, 2017 by redeyb (21 points)  
I actually did use the latest Eclipse Oxygen 1A but still faced the exact same problem :(
commented Oct 29, 2017 by delda (23 points)  
It doesn't work me either, in spite of the fact that I have the latest Oxygen 1A.
commented Oct 31, 2017 by benedekh (677 points)  
The validation error should not cause big problems. It has also happened to me in a different Eclipse configuration and it has not influenced the working of plugins under test. Just focus on solving the NPE instead.