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asked Mar 20, 2022 in System Modelling by Ai_Yoshida (30 points)  

Dear professor Hustle Gabor and Marton Elekes

I’m Ai Yoshida[Neptun code removed - ME], who is taking your system modeling class, and a student who asked question about how to use VM on M1 recently.
Thank you so much for telling me the solution.

And I’m sorry for asking stupid question, but if you answer this, it will help me a lot.

I succeed to open VM to enter it from left side box “Virtual machines".
However, I do not know what to do next.
In the technical manual, it say that I need to open “REMO.ova”.
Therefore, I am uploading “REMO.ova” to the right side “Files”.
Is what I’m doing is right?
After upload “REMO.ova” to it, can I use Yakindu?

Sorry for my poor comprehension.
Thank you for your help in advance.

Sincerely yours,
Ai Yoshida

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answered Mar 20, 2022 by elekesm (32 points)  
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Dear Ai Yoshida,

Our technical guide describes the normal case when you can run the virtual machine on your own computer using VirtualBox or VMware Player. That part is not relevant here as you want to run Yakindu VM in the cloud which is already present there.

These are the instructions to follow instead.

  1. Log in to the cloud of the faculty here. We gave access to you to a virtual machine template with Yakindu.
  2. If the site is in Hungarian after login, click on your name (top-right corner) to reach the profile settings and set the language ("Választott nyelv") and save ("Mentés").
  3. Create a new virtual machine (VM) and choose "ReteLab-Yakindu v1" template.
  4. Use an RDP client software to access the VM using the connection details on the left (host, username, password). If you don't have an RDP client, find one online. I think Microsoft Remote Desktop might be used on your MacBook M1.
  5. Pay attention to the expiration of the VM. To save resources, the cloud automatically suspends the VMs after 4 hours, after that you can resume it and continue your work. After 7 days from the last startup, the VM and all data stored on it are destroyed. Therefore I suggest you to copy your work to your own computer regularly and do not forget to renew the VM if you still need the data on it.
  6. For additional information please refer to the manual of the cloud.

As I see in your screenshot, you completed steps 1-3. Please open the VM you started under "Virtual machines" (cloud-11482). Resume it if it got suspended. And continue step 4.

Best regards,
Márton Elekes